5th WARD

TV Series, Allblk

Co-Writer - Season 2, Episode 4 (aired August, 2020)

Co-Writer - Season 1, Episode 3 (aired March, 2018)

"5th Ward" follows the lives of residents living in

Houston's "5th Ward," including Mina and her sons.

Starring: Mya Harrison, Carl Anthony Payne, Gary

Sturgis, Christopher Jefferson, Corr Kendricks, 

Chris O'Neal, Lew Temple.



Web Series

Executive Producer, Creator - Season 1

Writer - Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2

"No Good Deeds," follows Roy, a guy trying to make up

for accidentally killing his father by fulfilling a promise

to his dad to make the world a better place, only to have

all his attempts result in calamity.

Production on the series began in late 2014 in Winter Park,

Florida. The project was produced through the collaboration

of students in the MFA Episodic and Serial Writing class and

students in the MFA Film Production program at Full Sail

University. The series saw its premiere screening on the

campus of Full Sail University on May 7th, 2015.

"I am WYSE" -

PSA Campaign


Check out the PSA Julie wrote and directed

for Women and Youth Supporting each Other

as part of the Women in Film Los Angeles PSA

Production Program.




TV Dramedy Pilot

To navigate the challenges of her dysfunctional parents and hormone-riddled friends, high school freshman Patti uses a book of life advice her older sister made before committing suicide, finding the best advice on life from someone who chose to end her own.


* Finalist, Script Pipeline TV Writing Competition

* Finalist, America's Newest Scriptwriter (sponsored by Overbrook Entertainment)

* Quarterfinalist, Issa Rae & CoCre.TV's Fresh Wave Competition

* Finalist, America's Newest Scriptwriter

* Finalist, Roy W. Dean Writer's Grant


TV Drama Pilot

A group of twentysomethings sign up to become virtual reality game testers and wind up in a government experiment to test life on a distant planet.


* Winner, The A-List

* Finalist, ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Competition


TV Drama Pilot

After an attack of viral warfare creates a population of blood-thirsty predators who stalk their prey by the scent of human blood, those few who've survived taken refuge within the walls of Fort Monroe, a one-time Union stronghold, where their safety comes at a price - the burden of re-population. Due to limited resources, those unable to assist in re-population efforts are “remembered,” cast outside the walls to fend for themselves, facing certain death at the hands of the infected. But Fort Monroe holds even more danger for fifteen-year-old James, a girl living disguised as a boy, whose blood contains the antidote to the virus but could put an end to future generations.


* 2nd Rounder, Austin Film Festival


TV Drama Pilot

After he discovers his absentee father was actually a physicist who'd discovered time travel, a washed up former Minor League Baseball player embarks on his own journey through time, revisiting his relationship with his father and on the run from those who'd use his father's discovery for their own nefarious purposes.


* 2nd Rounder, Austin Film Festival

Feature Film



After her father replaces her with a "perfect" clone to take on his gubernatorial campaign trail, spoiled slacker CJ is locked away with the failed attempts to clone her, all of whom embody her worst flaws... flaws she must learn to conquer in order to reclaim her life from her father and the a-hole clone who's assumed her identity.


* Winner, National Lampoon & Stage 32s Search for Comedy Gold

* Finalist placed script, Universal Pictures Emerging Writers Fellowship

* Top 3 Winner, Final Draft's Big Break Competition

* Quarterfinalist, Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting


Romantic Comedy

After conjuring her imaginary boyfriend during a freak vibrator incident, a relationship therapist is forced to confront her own feelings on love and partnership when she's saddled with the "perfect guy" only she can see.


* Semifinalist round advancing script, Universal Pictures Emerging Writers Fellowship


Horror Comedy

After the untimely death of their best friend Doug, two twenty-somethings looking for purpose in life decide to fulfill Doug's unrealized dream of being in a zombie film, but wind up in the middle of an actual zombie outbreak.


* 4th Place, Writer's Digest Annual Writing Competition

* Quarterfinalist, American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest


Coming-of-Age Thriller

When 12-year-old Jenna's pushed to befriend the troubled teenage daughter of an ex-felon, her eyes are opened to a world of desire, betrayal, and a heinous murder only she holds the key to solving.

* Finalist, Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition

* Honorable Mention, UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting